Installing Katy Paty switches

Part 1: Electrical Insert

The main part of the switch, which gets fitted first. Katy Paty’s inserts have their toggles attached – no need to fit a cover at the end.

Wire the connectors at the back of the unit to the existing electrical installation and then screw the unit into the back box with flat-head device screws (to enable the frame to sit flush on top of the unit).

The connectors on Katy Paty switches are screw fittings, with two slots for each connection (1.5mm and 2.5mm).

Katy Paty 1-gang switch wiring

Kay Paty 1-gang 2-way insert with 2-way wiring points

Installing Katy Paty switches from Swtch

Katy Paty rocker side view

Installing Katy Paty switches from Swtch

Fitting the insert to back box (a round Euro box in this case)

Installing Katy Paty switches from Swtch

Securing the insert to the back box

Part 2: Frame

As usual with European switches, the frame that provides the decorative cover over the insert is not permanently fixed to the unit. In Katy Paty switches, it is held in place by a small front plate (see part 3), which is then screwed into the insert, securing both parts.

The frame on these switches has not got any moulding at the back to connect it with the insert, which means it just sits like a ring around the insert until it gets fixed with the front plate/screws. This makes the fitting process a bit fiddly – but it’s worth it!

Installing Katy Paty switches from Swtch

Place the frame and rubber washer over the insert

Installing Katy Paty switches from Swtch

Place the front plate over frame and insert

Part 3: Front plate

This last step of fitting the Katy Paty switches requires a bit of patience. The small round front plate is placed over the rocker and onto the frame. A rubber washer sits between front plate and frame to stop the two pieces of porcelain being damaged.

Because neither frame, washer or front plate are fixed yet, they move around freely until the screws are tightened. Keep holding them in place while screwing in the small screws through the front plate into the insert. Unlike our other switch designs, there are no slots or lugs to align the pieces, so you need to check that everything is straight and aligned before tightening the screws completely.

Please make sure not to over-tighten the screws – it can cause cracking of the porcelain front plate.

Installing Katy Paty switches from Swtch

Frame, washer, front plate and fixing screws

Installing Katy Paty switches from Swtch

The screws are inserted - you can see how the frame is not fixed yet

Installing Katy Paty switches from Swtch

The screws are tightened to secure frame and front plate

Removing the switch

With Katy Paty switches you simply need to reverse the fitting process if removal is required. Loosen the two small screws until the whole assembly separates from the insert and remove screws, front plate and frame in one go.

As explained above, the toggle is part of the insert in these types of switches and is not removable. If there is a problem with the toggle itself, the whole insert needs to be replaced.

Please note: Swtch sells beautiful and functional wiring accessories. But we are not qualified electricians. We are not able to give detailed installation advice or consultation, although we will always try to help you or your electrical installers.

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