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Back boxes

The back box (sometimes called flush box, knockout box, wall box, even “backplate”) is the metal or plastic enclosure, which a flush-mounted switch or other device is fitted into.

A whole range of our switches, sockets and accessories work very well with the square back boxes you would routinely find in UK properties. But in the rest of Europe round back boxes are the norm, and our products are generally designed to be installed into those.

If you have square plastic “dry lining” back boxes (often installed in newer homes with stud walls), products like the Bakelite/Duroplast Square switches, or the Jung LS990 and Berker R.1 ranges won’t cover the “lip” of the box. In this case you could swap them for the “flat plate” dry lining boxes from Deta Electrical (available from DIY stores and electrical trade counters), which don’t have that wide rim.


Single boxes

The diameter of all of these boxes is the same (60mm distance between screw fittings), but the depth and fixing method varies.

Hollow wall boxes have lugs that are tightened from the front, to secure the box in plasterboard, panelling etc. The Kaiser hollow wall boxes are available in 35mm (best for Katy Paty products), 49mm and 63mm depth.

Solid wall boxes are meant to be cemented into brick or other solid materials. The Kaiser solid wall boxes have wide cable inlets either side and are available in 46mm or 66mm depth.

Multi-gang solid wall boxes

If you want to combine more than one switch into the rows or stacks commonly seen in Europe by using multi-gang frames/plates, British boxes won’t work, even for square designs.

For installing either round or square designs like that into solid walls, there is a great option: The solid wall boxes from Kaiser and Jung above can be easily clicked together to create multiples!

Multi-gang hollow wall boxes

The best choice for retro-fitting and general installation of square designs is the Jung UK metal box listed above, which can be connected into as many gangs as you like. The Kaiser double box below also works for those styles.

For round designs, you can just install any of the single hollow wall boxes above next to each other (centre point distance: 71mm), but there are some handy multi-gang options available.

For connecting two single units of the round Bakelite, Duroplast and Porcelain ranges from THPG with “chamfered” frames/plates, the green Spelsberg boxes below are great.

For the Katy Paty “double” sockets, their own double box below is the best option.

Any of these can be installed horizontally or vertically.


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