Back box, hollow wall, single, 49mm

Back box, hollow wall, single, 49mm


The gold standard European round back box for installation into drywalls, plasterboard, cabinets and other hollow structures. These boxes are required for our switches with round frames, but can equally used with any other European insert. This is the deeper, 49 mm version, for products with bigger inserts or walls between 7 mm and 40 mm thickness.

Watch this quick video to see all of the features of this clever product. We can also supply specialist Kaiser tools, for example a hole saw to produce perfectly sized cutouts, or templates to space the holes for multiple boxes or double box installation. Get in touch to find out more.


50 in stock, ready for delivery in 2 days.

Please make sure you have checked the “Dimensions” section below to see if this product is the right size and shape for your installation.
Please be aware that we don’t accept returns of this product if you find that the necessary installation/decorating work is too extensive. We kindly ask that you and your electrician make sure that they are aware of the back box incompatibility before ordering this product.

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