Installing Gira Switches

Part 1: Electrical Insert

The main part of the switch, which gets fitted first. Wire the connectors at the back of the unit to the existing electrical installation and then screw the unit into the back box with flat-head device screws (to enable the frame to sit flush on top of the unit).

The connectors are variably push-fit or screw, depending on the manufacturer’s design and the product. Check the particular instructions for the product you are fitting – some are quite different to the usual screw-fit terminals on moulded switches.

Gira rocker switch wiring points

Gira 1-gang 2-way insert with 2-way wiring points

Installing Gira Switches from Swtch

Gira 1-gang 2-way push-fit connectors

Installing Gira Switches from Swtch

Fitting the insert to back box (a round Euro box in this case)

Installing Gira Switches from Swtch

Securing the insert to the back box

Part 2: Frame

In modular switches, the frame that provides the decorative cover over the insert is usually not permanently fixed to the unit. The frame is commonly held in place by a clip-in holding clamp or bracket (see part 3), which is pushed into the insert, securing the frame.

Installing Gira Switches from Swtch

The frame is loosely placed over the insert

Installing Gira Switches from Swtch

The frame's inner cutout match the shape of the insert and sits flush to the wall

Part 3: Rocker cover

Rocker switch covers come in a set with the brackets we mentioned before but are not attached to them. You can push the rocker and bracket onto the insert in one go, but we recommend clicking in the bracket first.

The last step of fitting the switch is simply pushing the cover onto the provided slots in the insert.

Installing Gira Switches from Swtch

A Gira 1-gang rocker and included holding bracket

Installing Gira Switches from Swtch

Push the bracket into the 2 bigger slots in the insert

Installing Gira Switches from Swtch

Align the rocker the correct way up and fit into the inserts centre slot

Installing Gira Switches from Swtch

Push the rocker in gently until it is securely fixed

Removing the switch

Because only the electrical insert (part 1) is screwed into the back box, removing rocker, bracket and frame can be done without any tools and with minimal effort.

Rocker and bracket need to be gently prised off the insert, which may take some getting used to. PLEASE DON’T USE A SCREWDRIVER for this task. Although it might make the removal quicker, it will most certainly damage frame or rocker!

Pull the rocker off by carefully angling it away (fingernails are handy for that), or by “wriggling” it from side to side. Once the cover/rocker is off, it should be easy to pull the frame and bracket off the insert together. If this doesn’t seem safe, you can use a plastic tool (again, not a metal screwdriver!) to get the bracket out first.

If the insert is screwed into the wall securely enough, it is also possible to pull the whole frame off together with the rocker, but we recommend doing it in the above steps, to protect the installation, the wall and your precious switch!

Please note: Swtch sells beautiful and functional wiring accessories. But we are not qualified electricians. We are not able to give detailed installation advice or consultation, although we will always try to help you or your electrical installers.

Stay swtched on!

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