E3 White Socket
E3 White Switched Double Socket
E3 White Switched Double Socket
E3 White Switched Double Socket
E3 White Switched Double Socket

E3 White Socket

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Product Story

The E3 Pure White is a hard-working but stylish replacement for your basic plastic sockets. It features the same gentle rounded contours of the rest of the E3 range, an easy-to-clean glossy surface and both switched and unswitched units.

Product Options

Gira sockets are available with and without small isolation switches. Unswitched sockets are less common in the UK, but they are perfectly safe and compliant with building regulations.

Gira has a huge range of wiring products, functions and devices that can be combined with these frames. Contact us for information on other options if you can’t find what you’re looking for.

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What you need to know

What’s in the box?

You will receive a modular socket set, consisting of a socket insert including cover, and a 1-gang or 2-gang frame.

(Click image to enlarge. Pictures for illustration only. Number of gangs and/or finishes might vary)

What does an electrician call this?

This is a 1-gang 2-pole 13A socket or 2-gang 2-pole 13A socket

Where is this used in the home?

This is a single/double mains power outlet (British Standard).



Gira British Standard sockets are straightforward to install. The insert is connected and screwed into the back box, the frame is placed over the insert and the cover is pushed into four slots in the insert, securing the frame. Finally the small isolating switch covers (if you are installing a switched socket) are pushed onto the switches in the insert.


Please refer to our Installation section for more installation advice, manuals and helpful videos.



Does this cover a standard british back box?
Yes, this product covers standard square knockout and drywall boxes comfortably.

How deep does the back box need to be?
This needs a slightly deeper box, at least 35mm.

The concept

In case we here at Swtch needed any more proof that even humble white plastic accessories can transform an interior, along comes the E3 range from Gira in Germany.

This purists’ cousin of the E3 Soft Touch range and its earthy neutrals – for example in grey or dark brown varieties – combines gentle contours with a clean white glossy finish.

Gira E3 White Socket from Swtch

The detail

The gently curved contours of E3 White are not unlike Berker’s R.1 design, but feature a more geometric, rectangular centre and a dividing line on the side of the frame.


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