Roo Alba
Katy Paty Roo Alba white porcelain light switch
Katy Paty Roo Alba white porcelain light switch
Katy Paty Roo Alba white porcelain light switch

Roo Alba

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From a small team of makers in Bohemia come these unusual round porcelain switches. The Alba range is the basic version of these unique designs, featuring a slightly grey, off-white finish. Katy Paty switches are solid, virtually indestructible and have a charming retro feel to them.

NB: These switches are meant to be fitted into European back boxes, not standard British rectangular ones. It is theoretically possible to fit them in a square box and fill in the corners, but it is not recommended.

Click on the “What you need to know” link for essential product details, dimensions, fitting info and more.

Katy Paty switches can be adapted to a range of sockets and connections (like AV, SAT and similar). Please contact us with any specific requirements.

Does Swtch sell UK sockets in this style?
Yes, this product range includes UK sockets. Check the "Complete the look" section below.

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Because of its round backplate shape, this switch doesn't fit the regular British square or rectangular wall boxes. The corners of the back box (or the hole the switch is going into) WILL SHOW.

It is perfectly possible to fit a European-style round back box, which the backplate will cover. We sell these boxes here. But this will require electrical work and decorating/plastering to make good the new wall box.

Please be aware that we don't accept returns of this product after 14 days if you find that the necessary installation/decorating work is too extensive. We kindly ask that you and your electrician make sure that they are aware of the back box incompatibility before ordering this product.

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What you need to know

What’s in the box?

You will receive a modular switch set, consisting of a switch insert with integrated rocker (or 2 of them if you have chosen a 2-gang switch), a round 1-gang frame and a front plate with fixing screws.

What does an electrician call this?

This is a 1-gang 2-way 10AX switch, or 2-gang 2-way 10AX switch, or a 1-gang intermediate 10AX switch

Where is this used in the home?

A 1-gang 2-way switch is commonly used for controlling a single light source from one or two places. A 1-gang intermediate is used as the middle switch of three, controlling a single light source (for example in a hallway). A 2-gang switch is used for controlling two light sources from one or two places.



Katy Paty switches require a bit more patience to wire up, simply because they are modelled on original designs and don't have the modern conveniences of push-contacts and encapsulated backplates.

Just follow the step-by-step pictures below or go to our Katy Paty switch installation page. Don't forget you need a European round box for this product!


Katy Paty 1-gang switch wiring


(Click gallery to enlarge. Number of gangs and/or finishes might vary)


Installation Guide:
Manufacturers instructions:

Please refer to our Installation section for more installation advice, manuals and helpful videos.


Does this cover a standard british back box?
No, a 70mm round back box is required. Check the available options below.

How deep does the back box need to be?
This needs a slightly deeper box, at least 35mm.

Recommended products:
Kaiser back box for solid walls, 46m Kaiser back box for solid walls

The concept

Katy Paty's Roo switches are a detail that can personalise any room. They are equally at home in contemporary and period surroundings, although, through the soft pastel options, their raison d'être is vintage styling – think cornish blue tableware and painted wood furniture.

The slightly off-white Alba is the starting point of the whole range, in that natural glazed porcelain colour, which is neither grey or cream. Related to the THPG Porcelain design, Roo Alba is nevertheless more extroverted and a little bit more cheeky in shape and finish.

Katy Paty Roo Alba from Swtch

The range

The key to the whole Katy Paty range is personalisation and fun. Endless styling possibilities are provided by the huge range of colours, which makes it possible to mix and match moods and rooms. Pale off-white to soothe the senses in a bedroom, a bright candy-red to accent the white walls of a bathroom, and softest turquoise for the baby’s room. The black variety speaks for itself in its bold darkness – the matt version being particularly lush!

There is some lovely interplay between the neutral pastels as well – the soft stones, earths, and mosses – and the more retro, seaside feel of the rose, lemon and mint shades. Explore and indulge.

a happy switch

The detail

The form of this switch is circles within circles, undulating rounds of carefully sculptured porcelain create spiralled surfaces for light to dance on – these switches sparkle. The steel screws on the face of the switch are perfectly placed to create symmetry and framing for the rocker, which adds to the classic feel. The porcelain is glossy (although a matt range is coming soon), homely and tactile, and the switch mechanism delivers a satisfying ‘chink’ as you press the rocker to illuminate your room.

Katy Paty’s switches are hand-made artisan products, so you might find slight imperfections and colour variations. But that just adds to the quirky luxury of having these pieces on your walls.

Katy Paty Roo Alba from Swtch
Katy Paty Roo Alba from Swtch

The inspiration

In its simple Black or White finish, Roo is a leading design piece in an elegant Victorian hallway, saying period charm and timeless luxury. The Neutral grey version is happy to sit in a more contemporary interior, bringing a soft and natural accent to a plain white wall. In the seaside Pastel shades it transforms again, to be all lollipops and gingham tablecloths, little girls in cotton dresses and fairy cakes for tea. But it’s not all about muted pastels – the more vibrant jewel tones of the Colours range bring vivacious decorative accents into your home.

For the kids’ room, match it with joyful wallpaper like our favourite I-Spy. For the grown-ups, a dove grey backdrop will make the primary colours equally stand out. This piece comes with feelings of fun and exuberance, like adding fresh flowers to your home. A happy switch.

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