Jung LS 990 Les Couleurs Terre D’Ombre Brûlée “1959”

Jung LS 990 Les Couleurs Terre D’Ombre Brûlée “1959”

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JUNG’s classic LS 990 switch in the dark burnt umber of “Terre D’Ombre Brûlée” (4320J). A colour that resembles mahogany.In 1931, inspired by the colours of nature, Le Corbusier developed a unique colour system based on two colour keyboards. In 1959 he expanded the “Architectural Polychromy” with 20 stronger colours, to complement the first series of pastel shades.PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS RANGE CURRENTLY HAS A LEAD TIME OF 10-12 WEEKS!

Jung offers a huge range of wiring products, functions and devices that can be combined with these frames. Contact us for information on other options if you can’t find what you’re looking for.


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What you need to know

What’s in the box?

You will receive a modular rocker switch set, consisting of a switch insert, a rocker cover (or a set of them if you have chosen a 2-gang or 3-gang switch) and a 1-gang frame. (Set includes a bracket to connect frame and insert)

What does an electrician call this?

This is a 1-gang 2-way 10AX, 2-gang 2-way 10AX, 1-gang intermediate 10AX or a 3-gang 2-way 10AX switch

Where is this used in the home?

A 1-gang 2-way switch is commonly used for controlling a single light source from one or two places. A 1-gang intermediate is used as the middle switch of three, controlling a single light source (for example in a hallway). A 2-gang switch is used for controlling two light sources from one or two places. A 3-gang switch is commonly used for controlling three light sources from one or two places.




Jung rocker switch wiring points


(Click gallery to enlarge. Number of gangs and/or finishes might vary)


Installation Guide: instructions-A4-jung-ls990-switch
Manufacturers instructions:

Please refer to our Installation section for more installation advice, manuals and helpful videos.


Does this cover a standard british back box?
This product covers a standard metal knockout box, but it doesn't cover the edges of plastic "dry-lining" boxes. If you can't fit a metal flush box, we recommend using "flat plate" drywall boxes or European round boxes.

How deep does the back box need to be?
Single - min 35mm, Double - min 40mm, Triple - min 45mm