Packaging and Shipping

Here at Swtch we try to minimise the environmental impact of our operations wherever we can. So when it comes to packaging and shipping, we try to balance the beautiful presentation and safe journey of our products with the impact on resources and waste disposal that shipping them will have. Although our packaging materials are mostly recyclable, we prefer to use as little of them as possible, especially if you’re ordering more than a couple of samples!

We also try to re-use outer cardboard boxes for shipping, if they are not damaged or unsafe. This might not look so pretty, but the amount of wastage in the packaging industry is considerable and after all, it’s only a box – the product inside is what counts!

European switches and sockets come in separate parts (more about that here) and those parts often come in their own packaging, so unfortunately we are not able to send products out ready assembled. This would void any product warranty, because we would have to break open the original packaging and take the parts out before putting them, together into the finished switch or socket! We do send out helpful instructions (including photographs), so you or your electrician will be able to assemble your new switch very easily!

If you order bigger numbers, the separate parts will most likely arrive in boxes of 5, 10 or more items, with each component (for example insert, frame and rocker) in protective wrappers or separate boxes. This way we save on individual packaging – and your electrician will appreciate not having to take apart each one of them before installation.

Because of the huge variety of products, finishes, functions and options we are not able to stock every item in our catalogue. In fact, most of the components of  our Swtch sets are shipped from the manufacturers when you’ve decided on your favourite combo. Some are even made to order, like the exclusive Jung Les Couleurs de Le Corbusier range.

In stock items

We can get your order ready for shipping in a day or so, but we will always aim to combine items of the same order in one delivery. So if parts of the order are not in stock with us, we wait until everything has arrived from the factories. If you really want part-shipments, please let us know. We will have to charge extra for that though.

Standard on-order items

We know you are keen to get your switches as soon as possible. Most items in our catalogue will be with you within 2 weeks, if not much earlier. We will keep you up-to-date with the order progress and let you know if there are any supply delays. The last leg of the journey will then only depend on the delivery service that you’ve chosen at checkout.

Made-to-order items

The more exclusive products and finishes are made to order at our manufacturers’ workshops. The lead times of these items varies, but we will always give you our best estimate of the timescale involved in carefully crafting and shipping your beautiful new switches.